• Classic Campaigns

    Classic Campaigns

    Paid search and email
    campaigns increased trials
    with reduced CPC

  • Cal Academy

    Cal Academy

    Digital Strategy
    Channel Optimization

  • Hotel Modero

    Hotel Modero

    Increased social media
    engagement by 300%

Digital Marketing Agency

ZOTTA conceptualizes, develops, and executes media and marketing strategies for B2C and B2B businesses. We lead teams that develop and implement integrated campaigns from concept to rollout.


  • Stories


    Customers respond to stories. Great stories engage your audience and connect the brand to an experience.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Integrated Marketing

    An Integrated Marketing Strategy will amplify your results. Immersive experience campaigns synced across all touch points get the best results.

  • Results


    Through experimentation, A/B Split testing, social graphs and analytics we refine your campaigns and reach your goals.

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